Content should always be readable and conversational. Be it an instructional guide to setting up a printer, writing up a business contract or proposal, an email pitch to a journalist or even a menu at a local diner!

Writing for social media, as a consume-at-a-glance platform, should be the epitome of conversational content marketing. It is where brands connect directly with their target audience in a sea of other brands that are constantly pushing out engaging content.

Read on for trending tips to make your social media content relaxed, readable and relatable!

1. Quotes Stand Out

Pull out an attention-grabbing, retweet-worthy quote from a piece of content that you’re sharing. Highlighting the quote in your social media post encourages the reader to click to find out more, especially if it seems valuable to them. It could be a personal anecdote, an inspirational phrase or insights that will enrich the reader’s life.

2. Play With Rhythm

It’s easy to fall into a monotonous, formal tone when writing as many writers do not write like they speak. And that is the gist of conversational writing – to be casual, relaxed and to write as if you’re speaking! This does not mean simplistic writing but writing to be understandable and to get the message across in the simplest way possible.

Rhythm in writing is often a tie-breaker. Change it up!

One way, according to content marketer Ann Handley is to “use all-caps, single-word agreement or disagreement”. As in THIS, TRUTH, YUP, NOTED, NAH.

These single worded terms will break up the monotony and are words that are often peppered in our daily conversations. Have fun with it!

3. Express Why Your Content is Relevant

Another tip from Ann for social media content writing is to “express cliché or popular agreement or disagreement sentiment”. Throw in fun phrases such as “Just me?”, “Who can relate?”, “Just saying what you’re thinking”. These make your audience automatically connect to what you’re saying. Chances are, if you’re thinking it, someone else is too! #youarenotalone

4. It is Only a Story When It is Retold

Many brands understand that content involves storytelling. Storytelling is also crucial in brand voice and brand identity. However, many do not realise that a ‘story” means that it is repeated and retold because of the value it carries. Include a personal anecdote, centre the story around a key relatable figure and make it personable.

If you’re selling disinfectant, do not laud the features of the product but how a mother uses it to keep her family safe; if you’re selling home-baked goodies, showcase your bakes along with a personal story of being a home baker during these trying times!

5. Visuals are Content Too

Content includes copy, images, videos, hashtags, links… Make sure that your social media creatives are optimised for the platform. If possible, let the visuals do most of the talking. The more appealing the visuals, the more likely people will “read” the post.

So there you have it! 5 tips to make your content more attractive!

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