Happy Cup opened their first outlet in Singapore in 1996, making their mark with 45 stores opening in quick succession at the turn of the century. At the height of the bubble tea fame in the first few years of the millennia, there was a bubble tea shop at almost every corner in the heartlands. In spite of the competition, the Happy Cup franchise refused to compromise on quality in order to participate in the price war. Instead, it focused on its expansion elsewhere with 200 stores opened globally, so as to maintain consistency in quality in it’s bubble tea.

Almost two decades later, Happy Cup comes back to our shores – with an arsenal of enticing flavours made with high quality ingredients enhanced by technology, a result of extensive research and development over the years.

Happy Cup Singapore aims to revolutionise the way locals enjoy their regular cup of bubble tea.Their Teapressto machine promises the most authentic taste of freshly brewed tea, as tea artists craft each cup of beverage with a technique developed by a Professional Tea Barista.

Amalgamation of Modern Technology and Traditional Flavours

Tea connoisseurs may assert the traditional Kungfu tea brewing technique to be best for exquisite flavours like Oolong, Ceylon and Oriental Beauty, but Happy Cup is here to prove otherwise. The Teapressto machine coaxes the finest flavours out of specially selected tea leaves with the perfect temperature in just 60 seconds.

With the mission in giving 100% natural ingredients in their beverages, Happy Cup provides cold-pressed fruit juices by using High-Pressure Process System (HPP) instead of flavoured syrups. “This is to ensure ultimate quality and freshness throughout our menu and enjoyment of our customers,” says Jessie Hung, the representative of Happy Cup Singapore.

Artisanal Processes from Start to Finish

To bring customers the best quality boba, Happy Cup sources their tapioca from Thailand. To please the most discerning of taste buds, tea leaves are meticulously cultivated in Taiwan, hand-harvested, withered, dried and ground in-store.

1 second of delicate, meticulous grinding of the tea leaves, 60 seconds with the Teapressto brewing machine, followed by a vigorous shake by tea baristas using the standard cocktail competition-based Boston Shakers yields a flavoursome brew that’s truly out of this world. As tea swirls in the shaker, flavours are evenly diffused with mixers by the flow of air. Astringency is removed in this process. This is how Happy Cup’s tea baristas create the perfect cup of tea, with distinct depths and nuances in each sip.

Sweet treats at Happy Cup are completely customisable. With a selection of four different high-quality tea bases (Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Roasted Oolong Tea and Ceylon Black Tea), customers are free to pair their teas by adding flavours such as fruits or milk. Happy Cup also provides a wide range of toppings from Boba, Grass Jelly, Aloe Vera, Chia Seed and more to enhance the flavours of their beverages according to different preferences.

The Evaporated Milk with Roasted Oolong and Pearl Tea comes highly recommended. Made from high-quality evaporated milk imported from Holland, the rich and creamy texture brings a whole new dimension to your bubble tea drinking experience. For customers who would like to try something different from the regular tea base, Jessie recommends the Taro Milk with Taro Ball. The velvety and intense combination of mashed fresh taro and fresh milk is silky on the tongue, and ends with a burst of sweet and nutty flavour and a slight hint of vanilla.

Happy Cup’s first flagship store launches in 100AM Mall in Tanjong Pagar. From 12 to 31 October, for any purchase of two drinks, customers will receive a complimentary customised denim tea cup holder.

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