Every email marketing campaign by our team is meticulously crafted,
and positioned to bring you the most notice in the inbox.

What Do We Do To Get You Noticed?

Perhaps you have tried email marketing campaigns in the past, but they did not work for you.

7 main reasons why many email marketing campaigns or companies that profess to send your email for you fail:

  • Poor visuals – you did not choose the right graphic to portray your purpose
  • Poor copy writing – what exactly was your header? Did it capture the attention of your reader?
  • Poorly crafted marketing message – jumbled, confusing, with no objective at the end of it all. If you couldn’t understand it, how would your customer understand your business?
  • Lack of technical expertise to get the campaign out the right way – missing emails, no links to your mail selling point
  • Poorly accumulated database with many “dead” emails
  • Untargeted messaging – emails sent to the wrong target audience with the content they did not care for
  • Poor design – messy, pictures and text were all over the place

If you get ANY of these wrong, your email campaign will not produce ANY results.

What We REALLY Do to Get You Noticed

When you engage us as your marketing agency in Singapore,

we pride ourselves on sending information that your customers will find beneficial.

Create Compelling Content

Create Compelling Content

We clean up your text and give you a proper positioning to ensure that your message is clear and precise.

Ad Attractive Visuals

Add Attractive Visuals

We create visuals that help to sell your idea. People see an email and, in a microsecond, they decide whether to open it or not.

We ensure that your email is attractive for at least a click to read more.

Layout Testing

Layout Testing

We test your layout to ensure that it appears the way it should in different mail software. We use our technical and design skills to enhance your email marketing campaign.

At Presence all we require from you are:

  • A Word Document (in point form) on your promotion and your company information.
  • If you have images of the product you are promoting, please send it to us via email.
  • Your product or service price list.
  • Your contact details (email and telephone number for customers to call in).

We will set up the email system for you, input your leads, write the content, put the pictures together, layout the email and start sending your email campaign.

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About Presence Marketing Group

Presence Marketing Group is a KPI-driven marketing agency group that puts our assurance on every marketing dollar you spend. Using Measurable Marketing Matrices (m3) and our Marketing for Return TM frameworks, our clients can have the confidence that their per unit investment in the marketing they embark on reaps the returns they seek. Presence Marketing Group Pte Ltd was established in 2007 and provides marketing concepts and initiatives such as branding, marketing channel selection and management, marketing budgeting, public relations, events management, digital and social media campaign management and marketing copywriting. Staffed with a team of 25 ex-MNC marketers with a passion for local brands and companies we aim to generate measurable returns for our clients marketing investments.



  • Q: Is email marketing still effective in Singapore?

    • A: Yes! Despite the rise of other channels, email marketing boasts high engagement rates in Singapore
  • Q: What are the benefits of email marketing in Singapore?

    • A: Reach targeted audiences, personalise messages, build brand loyalty, drive sales, and track results effectively.
  • Q: What are the legal considerations for email marketing in Singapore?

    • A: Adhere to PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) for data collection and consent. Always offer unsubscribe options.
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