ENCE managing director, Angela Sim, was back at Money FM 89.3 this morning! She appeared on a segment of Marketing Mondays alongside Eunice Yap, the CMO of Esplanade. They joined hosts Elliot Danker and Manisha Tank of Money FM to talk all things marketing and the role of CMOs

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. In this segment of Marketing Mondays, they discusssed the role of CMOs and how it fits into an organisation. With the recent announcement of CMOs stepping down at major corporations, it was a natural question to ask – are CMOs still relevant today? Listen to the interview below to hear what our managing director, Angela, had to say about this.

As one of the leading marketing agencies in Singapore, we are proud to have lent our wisdom to Money FM listeners. For Angela’s previous appearance on Money FM, talking about ROI in marketing, click here.

Angela Sim is the managing director of ENCE Marketing Group. She has 16 years of marketing and 7 years of PR experience. She was a pioneer in kickstarting marketing for lifestyle brands like Nakamichi and Whirlpool. Angela understands precisely how to create positive PR for her clients. She now heads her team of marketing specialists at ENCE to create positive PR in Singapore for her clients.

ENCE Marketing Group is a SIngapore based marketing agency providing a full-suite of marketing services. We provide PR services in Singapore for retail, F&B and medical companies. Our design and digital marketing teams bring your brand vision to life, whilst our events team connect you to your target audienceTo discuss your company’s marketing plans, get in touch with our team today.

Watch the full interview here:


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