• SME owners – give them hope and drive to persevere in running a business, and they are not alone (provide mental, emotional support)
  • The business – survives to thrive in the future instead of starting from ground zero and wasting years of hard  word
  • Their employees – continue to be employed, some will be retrained with digital skills
  • Self-Employed Persons (SEPs) – freelance writers, designers and web programmers will benefit and continue being employed
Form Go Digital - Donor


  • 1 website per sme owner per brand/company
  • Limited of 5 pages
  • Pictures to be provided by SME. We will touch up minimally
  • After website is developed, the SME is give 1 one-week timeline to make text and image corrections
  • Hosted on ENCE server for one year for free
  • Maintenance on website free for a year, and/or for up to 50bits of text and image changes (whichever comes first)
Form Go Digital - Apply for Help
Form Go Digital - Donor
Form Go Digital - Apply for Help
This initiative brought to you by ENCE Marketing Group, their partners and clients.
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