If you are thinking of using Instagram as a platform for your marketing needs, setting up an attractive and informative profile is quintessential for using Instagram for your brand’s publicity.

Choosing an interesting and catchy name for your profile is important. Some companies use an alias rather than the company’s name in order to appeal to different audiences. As Instagram’s user base tends to be mostly young adults or youths who use Instagram for personal reasons, choosing names that resonate with this demographic profile is important to be appealing.

Using a relevant yet aesthetic profile photo is also essential. Choose something that is easily visible in the small circular space that Instagram gives for your profile photo. This is the perfect place for your company logo or at least the logo by which you want to be associated with on Instagram.

Great Eastern [see below] is an example of a company that has changed its image to fit on Instagram’s virtual space. By going by an alias with a different logo, it gives the company a very different vibe from its traditional image of a financial service provider. “Life Inc.” gives the impression of being a “life companion” to its clients and its choice of category as “community” makes the company appear less transactional and more caring. The profile photo is much plainer and simpler than the red lion of Great Eastern but its minimalist yet modern design may appeal to millennials and Gen Z users who form the bulk of Instagram’s users.