Why it Makes The Most Sense When You Have Limited Dollars.

Integrated marketing is the use of multiple marketing channels at the same time to maximise reach, spread marketing costs and generate better awareness.

Consumers need to be reminded before they make a purchase.  From when they first see your ad to actually going to your store or website, your brand will have to constantly reminded to them. We call each of these reminders “touchpoints”in marketing.

Take the example from McDonald’s.  A world famous brand and yet they are still spending so much on marketing and advertising. Why?

Simple. When you first see and ad for a Samurai Burger, do you instantly rush down to Mac’s to get one? Probably not. Perhaps you have received a coupon booklet in your letterbox, that gives you tear out coupons to redeem at Mac’s.  You save the coupons for “the next time”.

Then in a week, you would have eaten all sorts of other meals. And you still have not stepped into McDonald’s.   Then you see a bus ad and say “Oh yes! I must try that Samurai burger”.  Another week goes by then perhaps now you receive a social media message. That you finally respond to and show the ad at Mac’s to get your Samurai burger at a discount.

Despite Mac’s being “all around Singapore” and easy to purchase from a well-trusted brand name, and an attractive product, it still took several reminders before you even bought one burger.  How much did Mac’s have spent on you to get a $10 purchase from you?

This is why brands need to advertise and market. To gain awareness, new customers, and encourage repeat orders.

Notice how many marketing channels Mac’s had used to get you to step into their restaurant?  This is integrated marketing.  Multiple awareness campaigns and multiple reminders to purchase.

Integrated Marketing is Expensive!  I am not a Mac’s and I can’t afford it!

Any company can do integrated marketing. If you have limited time, budgets and resources, the trick is to choose A FEW marketing channels and integrate them!    You just have to choose the right channels that work for you and optimise them.

How to Choose Your Marketing Channels

Depending on your business model, product and target audience, you should look at outsourcing some marketing channels and managing what your team can do best in-house.

Take The Guesswork Out of Marketing Spend vs Sales Returns

At the Presence Marketing Group, we use the Measurable Marketing Matrices (M3)TM framework that we devised after 15 years of data, that enables us to calculate how much sales you will get based on your marketing efforts for a campaign, then choose the channels that will benefit your business best.

Before you launch a marketing campaign, use the Presence Marketing Group Framework, to confidently spend on your advertising, knowing the results you will get.

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We look forward to doing better marketing with you in 2023!

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