Marketing is vital if you want your business to grow. Without good content marketing, you will not get yourself up in the first page of the search engines, and you will not be able to reach out to your target demographics. Creating good content and marketing it to the correct audience is essential to your business and its growth.

However, marketing is a fine art that requires a precise hand. Spend your budget on the wrong type of marketing and you will not see your return on your investment. You can also develop your marketing way too quickly and accidentally grow your audiences in ways that might not be conducive to the business. Here are some common marketing challenges and how you can overcome them.

Producing High-Quality Content Consistently

Content is king. However, it’s not conducive to your marketing budget to just churn out average quality content. The content that your business puts out must be of good quality and+ relevant to your target audience. Creating content that stands What that means is, often, research. Looking at your competitors’ content to see how it performs will give you a good idea of what the standard should be like, and then exceed those expectations. You must create bold and original content that remains true to your brand, so that your target audience will walk away with a good understanding of what you do. Find a unique angle and develop it fully.

Understanding Your Audience

It’s easy to identify your demographics and your audience. However, your audience is made up of individuals who consume their content in different ways and may have different buying patterns. You can only proceed to understand them and their habits by building multiple buyer personas and creating content type to reflect the diversity of each of the persona types.

One of the ways to do so? Understand your customers’ needs! Look at the content you do have now and analyse the numbers. Your audience, for example, may be filled with casual viewers who prefer short form content. Some may prefer watching a video than a podcast, short listicles to long form stories, or audio-visual content than just audio. Be sure to look at the analytics, survey your following, and ask them how they prefer their content.

Choosing the Right Platform for Different Content

With that in mind, the multiple ways content is developed and consumed is fascinating. You can create the best videos and advertisements in mind, but is it getting the eyeballs it deserves? In fact, that’s when you must take a step back and look at the hard work you are doing. Is it optimised for the right screens? The right target audience? Developing different content for different audiences becomes pertinent. Longer videos should be available on platforms like YouTube. Short videos with good soundbites can be uploaded on Instagram

and TikTok. Beautiful food pictures should be on platforms that prioritise imagery, such as Instagram.

This also goes towards different age groups, as they may prefer different platforms to get marketing information. Tik Tok is more likely accessible with youths under the age of 30. LinkedIn is perfect for professionals from the ages 30-60 and up. Know your platforms and do your research before you upload any content.

Hiring and Developing the Right Talent

Finding the best marketing team is always a challenge and keeping them trained for different situations may not be possible, especially with the rapid change in the markets. What may have worked in marketing two to three years ago may not work today. What you can do is take stock of your employees’ skills and find out what skill gaps they may have.

To create quality content, you need people with journalistic, design, creative, and technical skills. And you need employees who happen to have those skills. Sometimes you may need to consider outsourcing your marketing efforts to an expert marketing agency like Presence marketing. At Presence marketing, we have a full range of marketing experts in public relations, media communications, influencer marketing, social media marketing and digital marketing in Singapore and Asia. Contact our team today to discuss your challenges and how we can help your business grow!

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