Love is in the Air… and In Your Marketing Campaigns!

Christmas zoomed by, Chinese New Year whizzed past and we are now teetering on the edge of the next celebration – Valentine’s Day! While many still speak of tradition for festive holidays, there are new ways for seasonal marketing that will capture audiences today. These campaigns can be quick, relevant, and impactful – maximising your brand’s impact that will last throughout the year!

1・Connect with Your Audience with User-Generated Content

To take advantage of Valentine’s Day, you can have some fun and connect with your followers through social media.

  • Run an Instagram photo contest.

It can be enjoyable and beneficial for you and your followers to run a Valentine’s Day contest on your Instagram account. You can then pick the winner and gift him or her with a gift related to Valentine’s day. Be prepared for an overflowing of responses – as long as the gift is attractive enough!

  • Create a hashtag

By creating your own hashtag for Valentine’s day, you can spread and boost your business and campaign through Twitter and Instagram which use hashtags a lot. Ask your customers to share their photos with your created hashtag and reward them with small gifts such as a discount or freebie. Hashtags also create engagement and can target new audience.

2・Show Some Love with Email Marketing Campaigns

You should use not only social media platforms but also e-mails to promote your brand. E-mail is still an effective and reliable way to promote your business, products, and campaign. You can reach your customer directly.

And also, by sending emails with your campaign page’s URL, this will increase clicks and open rates as well. For Valentine’s Day, to show your love and thanks to your valuable customers, you can have a sale or send gift coupons through e-mail to inform your supporters. You will see a significant increase in both sales and conversion rates.

3・Ideas for Last-Minute Gift Gifters

We all know that there are some people who wait until the last minute to buy a Valentine’s Day gift. Try to fit their needs with a last-minute offer! You should appeal to them that the campaign is extended exclusively for them though it is almost Valentine’s Day. Inform them on all social media channels, or do an EDM dissemination the night before D-Day. Your customers will thank you for it!