Michelle Tan, also known as Mirchelley in Youtube, is one of the well-known content creators in Singapore. She started this page as a platform for her to share the finest of Singaporean life —from entertainment, to lifestyle, to all various services Singapore has to offer.

Presence Marketing Group and its public relations arm, Affluence PR, are both delighted to be a part of one of the top PR experts in Singapore as featured in her page.

Ence and Affluence PR are proud to have met the following criteria and be recognized along with other prestigious PR companies in the country.

  • Effectiveness of Strategy
    The agency must have an established and organized system in providing solutions, as well as delivering timely outputs.
  • Professionalism and Confidentiality
    These are essential, since the PR team may handle sensitive matters wherein a company’s name and reputation are on the line.
  • Industry Knowledge
    Adequate knowledge of the industry guides the PR team’s decision making. A lack of it may compromise integrity during delicate situations.
  • Quality of Work
    Their work must not only be effective but must be done within a timely manner and of good quality.
  • Awards and Accreditation
    These accolades serve as proof for the agency’s professional experience, as well as connection with colleagues in the industry.

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