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food Bloggers Singapore

Own a Restaurant or Food Brand in Singapore?

If you are an owner of a restaurant or food brand in Singapore, and you are looking to contact some food
bloggers to get influencer reviews on your restaurant or food product, why not consider a PR agency instead?

Reach out to 100s of prominent food bloggers and food influencers in Singapore through a
Food Public Relations agency like Affluence PR.

Affluence PR Agency Singapore

What makes Affluence PR stand out among other PR agencies, and why should businesses choose it for their marketing needs?


With our established network of more than 3,000 food bloggers and media contacts, we will be able to get you more value for your marketing dollar.  On top of getting you influencer reviews, we will also be able to get you media reviews in media such as The Straits Times, Mothership, Channel News Asia, Today and radio airtime—all for the same amount of money you would have spent on one food blogger.

Definitely save time and money when you have experts working on promoting your restaurant for you! So that you can focus on your restaurant operations!

How much will engaging Food Bloggers cost me?


Food bloggers come at a variety of price points. As you know, celebrities are paid more. And they deserve it, for all the time and effort they have spent on creating wonderful content for us all to enjoy!

Since we have such a wide range of influences on our media database, we will be able to suggest those who will fit your budget.

Engaging Food Bloggers Cost
Food Bloggers Reviews

Pricing Insights for Food Bloggers Reviews

Prices will start from $0! Yes, if you provide a super unique offer or product, some food influencers will help you for free, in exchange for some food vouchers. But realistically, most restaurants will spend about $3,000 to $10,000 to get the most popular influencers to blog about them. Having served more than 800 clients mainly in the F&B industry, this is the industry average that we have worked with over the years.

If this cost of engaging influences seems high, remember that this is simply a benchmark for you to aim towards as you grow your food business.

But one thing is for sure – you will need to spend some money on marketing and advertising to compete with the other food outlets out there!

How can I get Food Bloggers to review my restaurant for free?


As mentioned above, it is possible to get influencers interested in blogging about your restaurant or food. You just need to be creative and know many influencers who can help you!

How Food Bloggers to review my restaurant
Start Connecting with Food Bloggers

 Stop Guessing, Start Connecting with Food Bloggers!

300 new restaurants open every month in Singapore. It is not possible for ONE blogger to dine at all the outlets and review them in a month! So, you definitely need to get to know a range of bloggers who will then decide if they can support you or not, and when they can do your write up!

If you do not know where to start, which food blogger to call, or how to reach those food influencers who are most relevant to your type of cuisine, Affluence PR can help!

Contact us for a no-obligation list of relevant Food
Bloggers for your business.

Within a day, we will provide you a list of 10 bloggers who you can contact on your own.
This costs absolutely nothing, and we are doing it as a favour to all the restaurant
businesses in Singapore who are feeling the pinch of running an F&B outlet here.

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