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Our proprietary framework and matrices will bring not only clarity to your marketing spend but also measurable and GUARANTEED results. Our Marketing for Return™ framework drives strategic value behind collecting, calculating, and analyzing data into smart metrics.

If you have survived the pandemic, congratulations!
Now, let us embark on a resilience part 2 marketing together!

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ENCE marketing group with a team of ex-MNC marketers who are now in the business of helping small enterprises, non-profit organisations, and charities to rework their marketing strategies to get much needed awareness with limited budgets.

To support businesses recovering from the pandemic, our marketing education foundation is SPONSORING new clients to receive a 3-month trial of our professional marketing service at 75% off.

This makes our service fees as low as USD 500 / month and is only available to 5 non-profits, small enterprises and charities from 1 November 2022 to January 2023.

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  •  Gain a better understanding of marketing
  •  Learn free marketing tips and hacks in the process
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