Successful marketing is a complex process that involves various marketing strategies, and many more practical tactics. In today’s context, everything can change in an instant.

Tactics that have worked well recently often cease to work after a short period of time; a tactic against one competitor can also fail against another. Because the best marketing strategies are constantly changing, you will inevitably make some choices in your marketing strategy that are not the best for your business.

Here are some common marketing mistakes to avoid:

  1. Only considering macro-influencers

In recent years, influencer marketing that is based on social media has been growing rapidly in the marketing field.

In a recent survey done by eMarketer, more than 80 percent of marketers say they plan to launch an influencer marketing program within the next 12 months.

However, like many new concepts in business, influencer marketing can easily get caught up in the hype.

When choosing influencers for campaigns, it is not necessary to spend a large budget to match those influencers with millions of followers. Instead, it is wiser to spend the budget on a wider range of influencers, as your brand may resonate more with micro-influencers. Although each of them has lesser impact, by doing that, your business can reach a wider audience across the web more effectively in an organic way. And of course, all of these decisions should be made based on your own experience and data.

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2. Hiring In-House

 You might consider hiring an in-house marketing team for your own business. However, the benefits of having your own marketing team are likely to be overshadowed by the increased costs, both tangible and intangible.

Conversely, if you hire an inexperienced marketing team or ask people from another department to do the marketing in order to save costs, your marketing will probably yield any returns and cost you both time and money.

This is why many small and mid-sized companies opt for outsourcing solutions to get strong marketing support without the cost of hiring a professional team. In some cases, renting a marketing team is also a cost-effective option.

You need to communicate effectively with the outsourcing team to get them to achieve what you want. These are the experts in this complex field who make business decisions based on their expertise and practical experience. Working and communicating well with them and guarantee successful marketing campaigns!

3. Lack of Reliable Tracking

Experian conducted a survey that found that the average company lost up to twelve percent of its annual revenue to misinterpreting or relying on inaccurate data.

Companies often fail to properly aggregate consumer data, or the information they collect is so fragmented that it is difficult for them to find any opportunity to take meaningful action, and they lose money on consumer data as a result.

While you may easily ignore an information system upgrade, your company will also be in great trouble because of the unreliable data collected.

Having up-to-date collection systems and data is critical, and no matter what data analytics service you choose, remember to evaluate any data. From looking at the data analytics tab to seeing who constitutes your core audience, keeping an eye on your analytics will ensure you make the most informed decision.

4. Tone-deaf Marketing

Both large multinationals and small companies need to target their marketing content precisely to sensitive target markets, especially on social media platforms.

For example, many businesses are now looking to open up, but even when the right tone of optimism and excitement has been found, people are still afraid to go out and show up in the crowd because of the deadly virus.

To tackle these issues, businesses should address their potential customers’ real concerns by posting messages and sharing the actions they are taking to ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

When a brand launches an inappropriate advertisement, the brand is often scrutinised under public attention and blamed, losing its market in both short and long run. So it is important for brands and distributors to stay abreast of what’s happening around the world and think carefully about how to respond.

5. Not Creating Evergreen Content

The rapid growth of the digital world has led many entrepreneurs to misunderstand content creation where they hurry to create immediate content rather than creating content with overall value.

The more valuable the content you create, the more likely visitors will take the time to read it, comment on it and share it.

If your content is evergreen, that means it will remain relevant for a long time, and therefore have more opportunities to attract potential customers and sales to your business.

Articles that chase short-term fads will only attract traffic for a short period of time, after which you’ll be back in the hunt for popular topics. Instead, evergreen content gives you evergreen engagement!

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