Women’s role in society for the creation of economic value is just as important as that of men. That’s why we often see strong and confident women walking shoulder to shoulder with men in the 21st-century business environment. At ENCE Marketing, we have a high regard for women’s roles and contribution in adding real value to our business processes, operational practices, strategic decisions, and the quality of our services. More important than that, we realise the need for a balanced life for our employees in general and working moms in particular. We make sure that they find purpose in their work and are happy in their personal lives.

These practices and values are rooted in the belief to make our workplace like a family environment. Our employees’ concerns and the factors upon which their financial and social well-being depend are truly our concerns and responsibilities. And so, we make it a point to not just focus on the extrinsic rewards and professional growth opportunities but also a well-structured and balanced life for our employees.

At ENCE Marketing, we value people and view employment as an essential commitment based on fundamental values, shared vision, goals and objectives, and a continuous sense of improvement and personal progress. Clearly, such a commitment cannot be a one-way street. It’s reciprocal and voluntary in nature.

Women at ENCE Marketing make up a great portion of our workforce. We are an inclusive, extra-carrying and socially responsible company that believes in work-life balance in its true spirit. We are conscious of the fact that the only way we can ensure that working parents succeed in their careers and still lead a meaningful family life is by putting in place programmes and policies that are supportive, enabling and inclusive as far as the challenges working parents face are concerned.