Personalised marketing is any attempt to target viewers in a way that caters to their tastes and preferences and thus increases the chance of successful marketing. Digital marketing has become increasingly personalised as more companies utilise the power of data to attract and retain individuals.

Relevance is key when it comes to successful digital marketing. Increasing your marketing relevance to your audience can include using data from market research to find the best messages to send to individual customers or subgroups of customers (at the right time on the right platform). Having sufficient data is useful in customisation. Amazon uses the data it collects to effectively recommend items to customers such as on the “frequently bought together” or “customers who bought this item also bought” suggestion lists. Investing in systems that can aggregate, analyze and organise data efficiently could be what you need to enhance your ability to effectively target customers.

Marketing in the digital age will require extensive use of data and technology. Hiring the right people is important as having a team that is able to work fluidly across data handling and marketing will be very helpful for digital marketing success. Find people who can relate algorithms and statistics to the rest of the organisation in terms of business goals. It is no wonder that computer science graduates are in such hot demand, but business analysts are also needed to convert the code and number crunching into understandable terms for business decisions.

However, keep in mind not to violate data protection laws. Giving customers the decision on what kind of information they want to share with your company and any associated businesses is ethical and necessary to uphold a trustworthy image. You could also assure your customers that their data is not being resold to any other companies.


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