Requiring customers to choose and click more on your website is a key to generating more customisable options. Knowing if an individual chose to visit past versions of a product after reading reviews about a current product will enable you to know if he or she is interested in your product history. If a few articles are displayed on the main page of your blog and the user has to click “read more” on the articles he/she are interested in rather than you having displayed everything in full, you would have gained information as to what kind of articles this individual prefers reading rather than just knowing that he/she visited your page however many number of times within a certain period.

When it comes to overt internet advertising, relevance feels personal whereas irrelevant ads give a sense of coldly being observed. Based on the data collected of the individual’s browsing patterns on your site, send them targeted ads – ads of which the colours, images, fonts and words used match the vibe that will resonate with them. Failure is unavoidable, so try not to over advertise on your site. Strategically placing ad spaces is better than having ads appear on every page.

Whatever forms of digital marketing you attempt, having a keen sense of relevance and how to gain insights from customers’ choices are the keys in utilising the potential of data for customised digital marketing.


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